Boredom Blaster Workshop

Getting bored while stuck at home? What if your dog could entertain the whole family? Is your dog constantly bugging you for attention now that you are home more?

Boredom Blaster Workshop is the perfect solution! Join me LIVE on Saturday, 3/21/2020 12 pm est as I take you through activities that are sure to be fun for everyone. Enjoy watching your dog solve new and exciting puzzles, laugh as you play games together, and relax afterward with a tired dog. The best part is the materials that you need to create the games are everyday items that can be found in your home.

What’s Covered?

    1. Problem Solving Games with Kibble or Treats

    2. Training Games with Owners to Help His Obedience

    3. Tricks: bow, close the door, identify his toys by name, and more!

    4. Teaching Your Dog to File His Nails

    5. Common Mistakes to Avoid


What’s Included?

    1. LIVE Virtual Workshop on Zoom
    2. LIVE Q & A: Get all your questions answered!
    3. Recording: The recording will be made available if you cannot make it
    4. Material Checklist for each game
    5. PowerPoint slide of the presentation

No Need to Buy Expensive Toys or Leave Your Home.

I will show you how to use materials commonly found around the home to make puzzle toys, create training games, and teach new tricks with over 30 activities!

Register Now!

Boredom Blaster Workshop ($89)

DIY games and training exercises to combat boredom and improve your dog’s obedience, all from the comfort of your home.