Just Say “No” to On-Leash Greetings

Dogs can be best friends off-leash and suddenly turn to enemies when the leashes are put on. Barking, lunging, and even fights ensue.  The same can happen when there is a door or fence between dogs. Believe it or not, this is extremely common. The leash (or even fence) adds tension, changes the dogs’ posture, creates frustration, and inhibits the natural greeting ritual.

Learn all about it in this 5-minute video.

What To Do When Leashes Are Necessary

It is not always possible to have dogs off-leash for safety reasons.  The last thing that we want is our dogs running off.  If you must have your dog meet another dog while on a leash, here is what to make sure of:

      • The leashes are kept loose – no tension.  If the dogs move around each other, the leashes need to move with them.
      • Call your dog away while he is next to the other dog instead of pulling him away.
      • Use a longer leash (10ft) so the dogs can move around more freely.
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Allacen Jennings
Allacen Jennings
2 years ago

Loved this did not realize what we were doing Thank you!

1 year ago

great recommendations! Especially calling your dog away rather than pulling him!

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