Is your dog aggressive, fearful, have extreme anxiety, or displaying other concerning behaviors? Private lessons with an Internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant are offered in your home or at our facility. We will work together to reach your goals with positive training methods.

The consultation lasts 1.5 hours and consists of an in-depth evaluation of your dog(s), management techniques so you can prevent the problem behaviors from occurring, and an introduction to your customized training plan to assist with the behavior change process.

Clients are provided with a write up about what was taught and video links if applicable. Email and phone support are provided between lessons at no additional fee.

Steps to Register

1)  Stop in, email, call or fill out the New Client Form below.
2)  Choose the date, time, and location.
3)  Reserve your appointment via an emailed invoice or payment in person.
4)  Start training!

Consisting of one and a half hours, an Internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant will evaluate your dog, develop a training plan and management plan based on your goals, and work with you to train your dog.

Prior to the consultation, you will need to fill out the “New Client Form” which includes a number of questions about your pet, your household, and other factors that influence your pet’s behavior. It’s important to answer in as much detail as possible in order to make the most of your consultation.

Single follow up lessons and discounted packages of lessons are options that we provide after the consultation has been completed. Practice in between lessons is important for your dog’s success.

Calling All Dogs offers a discount when you sign up for a program that contains multiple one-hour lessons: Gold -7 lessons, Silver – 5 lessons, Bronze – 3 lessons.