Puppies go through critical learning stages as they develop and it is never too young to start training.  It is crucial that each puppy is properly socialized and learns to thrive in his environment.  Did you know that the number one cause of euthanasia among dogs is due to behavior problems?  Let Calling All Dogs help your puppy by developing a socialization program and even taking him into the community to help facilitate the process in a positive manner.  Lessons and outings are one hour long and all family members are welcome to attend.

Steps to Register

1)  Stop in, email, call or fill out the New Client Form below.
2)  Choose the date, time, and location.
3)  Reserve your appointment via an emailed invoice or payment in person.
4)  Start training!

Consisting of one hour, we will evaluate your dog, develop a training plan based on your goals, and work with you to train your dog.  The consultation may be added into a discounted program.  You may also purchase additional lessons outside of a program. Fill out our “New Client Form” to provide us with your goals.

Calling All Dogs offers a discount when you sign up for a program that contains multiple one-hour lessons: Gold -7 lessons, Silver – 5 lessons, Bronze – 3 lessons.