Expert Dog Behavior Modification for Leash Reactivity and Aggressive Dog Behavior

Solving Reactive Behavior in Dogs

Are you tired of dealing with your dog’s leash reactivity and aggressive behavior? Our expert-led Reactive Rovers Program is here to help! Our Internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant will work with you and your dog companion to create a customized training plan addressing your concerns. From leash lunging and barking to aggressive behavior toward other animals or even people, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of gaining control and achieving success.

Our program is designed to support you every step of the way, with many features to help you during and between lessons. From one-on-one lessons to online resources and support, we are dedicated to helping you and your dog reach your goals.

Don’t let leash reactivity and aggressive behavior hold you back any longer. Contact us today to see if our Reactive Rovers Program is the right fit for you and your family. And don’t wait! Take action now and contact us to start your journey towards a worry-free, happy life with your dog.

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Having a dog that barks and lunges can be frustrating and embarrassing. I have spent years teaching owners how to work with their dogs so that they can live stress-free lives together.

I have put together this eBook in hopes of bringing awareness to a few mistakes that I see owners make when working with their reactive dog. I was guilty of a few of these myself. Hopefully, you can use this eBook to stop yourself from making the same common mistakes.

Customer Reviews

What Clients Say About The Reactive Program...

“My German Shepherd would get extremely nervous and bark and at any dog 100 yards away. Instead of being relaxing, walks in the neighborhood were extremely frustrating to go on. Tori worked with us one-on-one, teaching us the signs to look for when Zoe got stressed and how to overcome them. By the end Zoe was comfortable with walking past other dogs within 3 yards without reacting! We have done both group classes and one-on-one with Tori and all have been extremely rewarding! I would definitely recommend them!”

Madi J

“We had never used a trainer before, but we are so glad that we decided to go with Calling All Dogs – Tori is a wonderful teacher!! We learned a whole new perspective on training, seeing things from the dog’s view and how they perceive what is happening. As our pup grew, it was evident he had anxiety issues with people and other dogs. Through one-on-one training she taught us techniques to help him manage his fears and get him accustomed to stressful situations, at the same time helping us read his body language and realize what triggers his anxiety. Without Tori’s help and instruction, I doubt that our dog would be at the level he is today. I would highly recommend her and Calling All Dogs!”

Pete L