Online Video Conferencing

Professional Dog Training From the Comfort of Your Home

Are you fed up with dog’s undesirable behaviors?
Is your dog driving you nuts because you are home more often?
Are you unable to take your dog to daycare or play dates and not sure how to curb the excess energy?
Experience comprehensive dog training lessons from the safety and comfort of your living room.
Virtual Private Lessons
The Benefits of Video Conferencing Lessons:
    • Don’t worry if you live out of state.  You have a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant at your fingertips! No need to clean the house or travel long distances.
    • Learn how to take your dog for an evening stroll without getting yanked down the street.
    • Your dog will learn how to relax in the presence of guests instead of barking and lunging.
    • Enjoy family activities while your dog relaxes on his bed, instead of demanding attention.
    • Keep your dog safe and be confident your dog will come when you call him.
    • Your dog will learn to relax instead of barking out the window.
    • Know that you will have all the support you need to help transform your dog’s exuberant or reactive behavior.
What Video Conferencing Lessons Include:
Lifetime access to the video content

This is a benefit that is exclusive to Video Conferencing lessons! Your lessons can be recorded and sent to you.  Review it as often as you would like so you can help your dog succeed even faster.

Typed lesson notes with video links

Not only will you have the recording to refer back to, but I will also send you notes from your lesson with step-by-step instructions and youtube links of video demonstrations that I shared with you during our lesson.

How Virtual Lessons Work:
Video conferencing via Zoom

An extremely user friendly platform that does not require you to download anything.  You can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

Take a Look
An Example of Working With Us From Home

Kolby working on the beginning stages of relaxing for nail trims during a video conferencing lesson.

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What We Can Work On


Does your dog lunge and bark? Has he bitten another animal or person? Learn to gain control over the chaos so you can be worry free through out your day-to-day activities.

  Separation Anxiety

Does your dog constantly cry when you leave? Does he destroy items in the home?  Learn to help your dog happily relax when he is left alone so you can leave the home without feeling guilty or dreading returning to find a new mess.


Is your dog nervous of people, places or sounds?  Does he cower, pace, or cry? Teach your dog to be comfortable in his environment and build the confidence needed to successfully navigate his day-to-day activities.


Do you wish your dog was a well-trained companion that you can boast to your friends and family about? Teach your dog to walk next to you instead of pulling so you can enjoy walks together, come when you call him instead of runnning away, relaxing on his bed instead of demanding attention so you can decompress, and so much more.

  Puppy Behaviors

Are you frustrated with your puppies nipping and having accidents in the house? Are you unsure of how to properly socilaze and train him to prevent problem behaviors from occuring as an adult? Learn all of this and more so you can be confident knowing that your puppy will grow into a well-mannered companion.

  Cooperative Care

Does your dog refuse to allow you to trim his nails, brush him, or clean his ears? Is he unruly when handled at the vet? Learn how to help him relax during necessary care procedures so he can be healthy and safe.

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