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Changing the Stigma of Muzzles

Changing the Stigma of MuzzlesWhy dogs wear them and what owners want you to understand.As a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, I regularly work with clients whose dogs have acted aggressively towards, or severely bit, a person or another animal. Some of the animals have even died as a result of their injuries.  While it is at first hard for the…

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From Foes to Friends: Using Positive Reinforcement to Teach a Cat and Dog to Happily Coexist

This article was published in the IAABC Fall Journal of 2018 and can also be found at https://fall2018.iaabcjournal.org/2018/10/25/from-foes-to-friends-si-jeter/ BACKGROUND Si is an approximately 6-year-old domestic short haired tabby cat. He was found as a stray when he was about a year old. At the time, our home consisted of two dogs and two other cats. Si instantly snuggled with the…

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