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Products We Recommend

Harnesses, Puzzle Toys, and More! Clients often ask me which products I use with my dogs.  There is a variety that I regularly use for different purposes.  From training treats and squeeze tubes to harnesses, interactive feeding toys, and more, you can find them all at the following link: Recommended Products You might have questions about their use.  Here is…

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Changing the Stigma of Muzzles

Changing the Stigma of MuzzlesWhy dogs wear them and what owners want you to understand.As a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, I regularly work with clients whose dogs have acted aggressively towards, or severely bit, a person or another animal. Some of the animals have even died as a result of their injuries.  While it is at first hard for the…

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Dog Training: It’s Not Opinion. It’s Science.

As a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, I talk with many people about different methods used to train their dogs.  Being a trainer that works on scientifically supported methods of building confidence, creating replacement behaviors, and decreasing anxiety and aggression with reward-based training, I am firmly against any use of force and intimidation. I often hear the following comment from people:…

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