Behavior Modification

Is your dog aggressive, fearful, or displaying other concerning behaviors?  Private lessons with an Internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant  are offered in your home or at out facility. We will design a customized training plan and work together to reach your training goals with positive training methods.  Get started today by filling out our Client Agreement Form.

Obedience Private Lessons

Don’t have time for a group class?  Want to work one-on-one with an Internationally Certified Trainer?  We offer private lessons in your home and at our facility.   Each lesson is tailored to fit your dog. Get started today by filling out our Client Agreement Form.

Obedience Group Classes

We offer three different group classes.  All are 6 weeks long and last 50 minutes each week.  Get started today by filling out our Group Class Form.

Beginner: Designed to teach your dog foundation behaviors, the class will cover: leave it, stay, counter surfing, coming when called, jumping, down, stand, mat work, loose leash walking, politely greeting people, touch, bow, and settle.  Students are provided access to our Training Website.

Intermediate: This class focuses on expanding on the skills learned during Beginner Class and introducing new ones.  The class will cover long distance recalls, introduction to precision heel work, drop (into a down), mat work when guests arrive and during dinner time, loose leash walking, increased distractions, leave it, putting multiple behaviors together, and more 

Advanced:  Once your dog has successfully learned the Beginner and Intermediate behaviors, its time to teach them to put it all together for less rewards.  S/he will also be introduced to working on tasks at a distance, stop and down during recall, politely greeting other dogs with their owner, extended stays during increasingly difficult distractions, and much more 

Group Class Schedule


Beginner: Tuesday, 4/24/18 at 6 pm.  FULL

Beginnger: Wednesday, 4/25/18 at 6 pm.  FULL

Intermediate: Thursday, 4/26/18 at 6 pm.  FULL
Advanced: Tuesday, 6/12/18 at 6 pm.  FULL

Beginner: Thursday, 6/14/18 at 6 pm.  FULL

Beginner Tuesday, 8/7/18 at 6 pm.  ENROLLING